May 24, 2018

Progressives Are Prepping the U.S. for Sharia-Lite

Dr. Alex McFarland: Immigration Is Just One Example How Liberal Progressives Display a Double Standard in Their Faulty Arguments GREENSBORO, N.C.—Even before his election in 2016, […]
May 22, 2018

‘This Pope Will Have Much to Answer For’

Author and Apologist Says of Pope Francis’ Comments to Homosexual Man: ‘The Man Called to be a Savior of Souls is Jeopardizing the Souls of Millions’ […]
May 17, 2018

Sign Declares That ‘Black Folks Need to Stay Out of White Churches’—Alex McFarland Reminds That All Christians Must Love Like Jesus

Dr. McFarland: The Church Must Get Serious About Condemning Racism GREENSBORO, N.C.—A new church sign in Birmingham, Alabama, is causing a heated debate on race in […]
May 14, 2018

Dr. Alex McFarland: Christians Encouraged by New, Better and Stronger Relationship with Israel

President Trump’s Ongoing Commitment to God’s Nation Is a Welcome Change GREENSBORO, N.C.—Just days before today’s observation of its 70th anniversary as a modern nation, Israel […]