Standing Up to the False Charge of ‘Hate’

As Organizations Make a Stand Against ‘Hate Group’ Designations, Dr. Alex McFarland Debuts New Book ‘Stand Strong in Your Faith’—No Matter What the Cost CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Several conservative Christian groups have stood up to defend themselves against false designations...

Why People Take Issue with Symbols and Statues

Dr. Alex McFarland: Religion and Culture Expert Says Convictions Do Not Lie in Statues and Symbols, but in the Bible’s Never-Wavering Truths CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Yesterday afternoon, workers in Charlottesville, Virginia, covered two Confederate statues in black fabric as...

5 Things College Students Should Take Back to Campus

Religion, Culture and Millennial Expert Says These 5 ‘Ds’ Will Equip Students Academically, Socially and Spiritually CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Students around the country are getting ready to head back to campus, purchasing and packing things like comforters, coffee pots and...
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