Have Millennials Abandoned Their Faith?

New Book by Religion and Culture Expert Alex McFarland Explores Why Millennials Leave the Church and How to Bring Them Back CHARLOTTE, N.C.—What’s one of the fastest-growing religious identifications among millennials? It’s actually not a religion at all. It’s “none.”...

Jesus: The Fact On Whom All Other Facts Rest

Religion and Culture Expert Dr. Alex McFarland: -Isms Are Nullified in John I, Which Tells Us Everything We Need to Know About Baby Jesus CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Naturalism, secularism, progressivism, atheism, materialism and even commercialism. All these “-isms” have again...

Where Have All the Bibles Gone?

Study Finds That Number of Religious Materials in Hotels Has Dropped Over Past Decade; Religion and Culture Expert Dr. Alex McFarland Says Trend is Part of a National ‘De-Christianization’ (update: Since the distribution of this news release, the hospitality analytics...
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