As RNC Kicks Off, How Do Americans Feel About Society?


The Republican National Convention kicks off today, and presidential hopefuls from both parties and the rest of the delegates are laser-focused on the views of the American public before November. 

With one of the most important elections in history on the horizon, Dr. Alex McFarland ( has been busy gathering responses from his new “Malaise Index,” an online survey that gauges Americans’ outlook on society.

“Headlines tell us that the culture is headed in a different direction than many would like,” said McFarland, a nationally known pastor, religion and culture expert, and radio and television host and author of the new book, “Stand Strong America.” “But there is wonderful and hopeful news out there as well. Those of us who can remember the general malaise and gloominess of the days of President Jimmy Carter can relate. Is there a similar feeling today? If so, is the negativity due to the same or different reasons? These questions are important to those who wish to become the next leader of our great nation. We hope to uncover this and much more with the ‘2016 Malaise Index’ and paint a true picture of what Americans are thinking and how they are feeling about society in general.”

Although the survey is in its beginning stages, trends are evident. For example, when queried with the statement, My outlook on the culture as a whole compared to 10 years ago is…” just 1.6 percent reported that they felt “better” about the culture, an equal percentage answered that they felt the “same,” while a whopping 96.7 percent reported they felt “worse” about the culture.

Additional findings from the eight-question survey include:

  • Spiritually and morally, my outlook on society in general compared to 10 years ago is: BETTER—less than 7 percent; SAME—less than 5 percent; WORSE—about 87 percent (about 1 percent did not answer)
  • I feel that my children, or young people I know, will grow up in a better world than I did: TRUE—5 percent; FALSE—95 percent
  • I consider myself a faith- or beliefs-driven person: TRUE—99 percent; FALSE—1 percent
  • If great leaders from previous generations saw America today, would they approve or disapprove of the state of the culture today?: APPROVE—1.6 percent; DISAPPROVE—97.2 percent (about 1 percent did not answer)

“Stand Strong America,” co-authored with evangelist and apologist Jason Jimenez, addresses the idea that Americans are weary of the poor character and decisions of their leaders, including laws that may not coincide with their faith. The book provides Americans real answers and courage to stand strong in the midst of uncertainty and fear—offering a vision of hope that reignites the fervor and courageous faith that existed when the republic of America was created. Learn more at

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Alex McFarland

Alex has preached in over 2,200 churches throughout North America and numerous more internationally. He also speaks at Christian events, conferences, debates, and other venues to teach biblical truths and preach the gospel.

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