How is the Left Hypocritical? Let Me Count the Ways


The Left was ready to be up in arms about President Donald Trump’s SCOTUS pick—even before Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination was announced. Case in point: the Women’s March called the pick “a death sentence for thousands of women” and sent its press release before they even typed Kavanaugh’s name! (Read more about the “oops” moment here.)

Religion and culture expert and author Dr. Alex McFarland says this is just another example of how the Left most certainly does not practice what it preaches.

“Think about the failed agendas the Democrat party supports: Globalism, socialism, transgenderism, open borders, etc.,” McFarland said. “True to form, and in a classic commitment of the fallacy of a priori rejection, Democrats were shouting their opposition to Trump’s SCOTUS pick the moment a vacancy was announced. The party is also selective in its outrage about the mistreatment of women and human beings in general, and invokes and supports the U.S. Constitution only when it is politically useful and subverts it whenever necessary.”

Other cases of hypocrisy at work, McFarland says:

  1. Children & Family Hypocrisy: The Left doesn’t want to see children separated from their parents at the border, but are fine with 60 million babies being aborted since Roe v. Wade.
  2. Religious Hypocrisy: They oppose a religious litmus test for their own nominees and leaders, but advocate this test for Christians and conservatives, such as Dianne Feinstein’s take on Judge Amy Coney Barrett.
  3. Political Hypocrisy: Government corruption in the case of Hillary Clinton’s private server was glossed over, but investigations into this administration have been virtually constant since Inauguration Day.
  4. Protection Hypocrisy: The Left wants gun control and consistently attempts to limit and ban guns, but complains about lack of protection and insults and degrades police officers.

To interview Dr. Alex McFarland, contact Deborah Hamilton,, 610.584.1096, ext. 102, or Emily Brunner, ext. 100.

Alex McFarland

Alex has preached in over 2,200 churches throughout North America and numerous more internationally. He also speaks at Christian events, conferences, debates, and other venues to teach biblical truths and preach the gospel.

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