White Supremacists Have More in Common with ISIS Than Patriotism

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August 7, 2017
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White Supremacists Have More in Common with ISIS Than Patriotism

Culture expert and nationally syndicated radio host, Dr. Alex McFarland, says that the answer to all of the chaos in Virginia this weekend is to look to the founding document of America, the Declaration of Independence, which says that all are created equal, made in God’s image, and there is an objective moral code.  

“Racism in any form should be condemned.  And with everything we can muster, we would condemn the godless white supremacism seen this weekend in Charlottesville.  Regardless of your ethnicity, America is about one race: the human race.  The Christian worldview that America was founded on says all people have value, worth, and are deserving of respect because they are made in God’s image.  White supremacists have more in common with ISIS than patriotism.” 


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