Dr. Alex McFarland: Parents and Pastors, Consider How Your Vote Will Affect Your Children and Your Church Personally

Ponder at the Polls: How Will My Actions Trickle Down to My Kids’ School, My Community and My Church Pews?

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—As fewer and fewer states still have important primaries and caucuses on the calendar, it becomes more and more crucial that the faithful use their voting privileges wisely, choosing candidates who will uphold moral law, says Dr. Alex McFarland (, a well-known author and religion and culture expert.

“The nation is shunning moral law in an extremely dangerous way,” McFarland said, pointing to, for example, heated debates about gender-neutrality and religious liberties in America. “If the abandonment of God equals a loss of moral principles, the answer is crystal clear—we must do something different than the status quo. The direction of our country depends on it.”

McFarland added that parents and pastors, especially, must vote while keeping in mind how their choice will directly impact their families and their churches, respectively.

“As Christians, we have the moral duty to ask ourselves, ‘What difference will this candidate make in my children’s school, in my community, in the pews of my church?’ McFarland continued. “These questions are too important to brush aside and hope for the best outcome. The loss of moral law affects all of us, and America is in a dangerous place because of it.”

Churches, McFarland said, must also advocate to their members about the outcomes of these elections.

“It’s crucial,” he said, “that we vote the right people into office, those who will uphold the foundations of our nation. Yes, there are important issues to consider—the economy, national security, and more—but as individual voters, we must realize that our actions at the polls will

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Rev. Alex McFarland is heard daily on the American Family Radio network and weekly on The Alex McFarland Show (podcast and YouTube channels). He directs Biblical Worldview for Charis Bible College, located in Colorado. Alex speaks frequently throughout the U.S. For more information go to

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