America, the ‘Bloody?’

Author and Religion/Culture Expert Dr. Alex McFarland Releases New Book and Malaise Index; Reflection of America’s Lack of Time to Process Feelings Between Tragedies   CHARLOTTE, N.C.—A horrific terrorist attack in Nice, France, where families gathered for a summer...

As RNC Kicks Off, How Do Americans Feel About Society?

The Republican National Convention kicks off today, and presidential hopefuls from both parties and the rest of the delegates are laser-focused on the views of the American public before November.  With one of the most important elections in history on the horizon,...

The State of the Culture

Dr. Alex McFarland Launches ‘2016 Malaise Index’ to Gauge Americans’ Views on Society Survey Asks If People Are More or Less Hopeful and Encouraged Than They Were 10 Years Ago CHARLOTTE, N.C.—From staunchly debated LGBTQ policies and a sluggish economy to global...

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