If God is love, why would He send anyone to hell?

God is love, but He is also holy and just. God cannot ignore sin, because doing so would make Him unjust. Therefore, God must judge all sin and the penalty for sin must be paid.

God, in His mercy and grace, sent His Son Jesus to pay the penalty for us and to open the way for all people to be forgiven of their sins. By trusting in Jesus, a person’s sins can be forgiven and the person will be given eternal life.

Sadly, those who reject Jesus will die in unforgiven sins and will not be worthy to enter Heaven. It is a free-will choice, and only by one’s free-will choice will anyone go to Hell.

God doesn’t send anyone to Hell. They choose to go there by choosing to reject the gift of forgiveness that God offers in Christ Jesus. Tell someone about God’s love and salvation in Jesus today.