If I become a Christian, will I have to give up things that I enjoy and spend all my time bugging people about what they believe?

This question is often asked because one wonders if, as a Christian, they will have to give up a sin that they enjoy or take on a task they don’t want to do. God has given you a free will, so He will not make you give up anything. However, His Holy Spirit will convict you of your sin and He will work to change your heart. The more you know and love Jesus, the more you will desire to turn from your sin and live in accordance with God’s purpose and plan.

Regarding taking on a task you might not want to do: If God wants you to do something (e.g. witnessing to others) He will equip and empower you. He will also change your desire so that it will be something you want to do and something you will enjoy doing. Trust that God loves His children and desires that they find joy and purpose in all their activities.