Is the USA in the Bible?

The United States is certainly not mentioned by name in the Bible since it didn’t exist at the time of the writing of the Scriptures, but the Bible tells some of the future after all, and many of the nations of the world today are mentioned by other, older names for their given locations, so it’s possible the United States is one of those.

Though there are many theories, some of which you can find here , none of them is a clear and certain interpretation of the Scriptures in which we can have confidence. The things we know for sure are that God’s Word says He will bless any nation that blesses His chosen people through Abraham (Israel) and curse those who curse them, and that all nations will be judged in the end at Christ’s return. Our best chance is to remain committed to God, supporting Israel, and spreading the truth about His Son so every knee can bow and tongue can confess before Jesus returns rather than on judgment day.