Dr. Alex McFarland: Broken Logic and Hypocrisy Prevail in Leftist Immigration Arguments

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Immigration continues to cause a heated debate across the nation and around the world. Religion and culture expert, author and national host Dr. Alex McFarland ( takes a biblical, civil and constitutional look at the matter.

When people break the law, the repercussions are on those who broke the law, not the ones upholding the law,” McFarland said. “The fault of illegal immigrants breaking the law is on them. If a thief breaks the law and is separated from his family by being put in jail, we don’t declassify theft to keep the family together. Responsible immigration policy is to be upheld by lawmakers and respected by all in America. Clearly, governmental authorities are allowed by, sanctioned by and instituted by God, so that a civil, ordered, safe society may exist.

McFarland added that I Timothy 2:2 indicates that God permits human government so that a nation might have a culture that is most conducive to the spread of the Gospel—a “peaceable life in all godliness.”

It is interesting that the same critics who denigrate our president the actions of this administration—and would quote Scripture in their opposition to, say, enforcement of our immigration laws—will ignore Bible verses that unmistakably defend life, and therefore mitigate against abortion, as well as verses that define marriage in terms of heterosexual monogamy. So the progressive, libertarian, pro-open borders and anti-Trump voices are very selective in their uses of Scripture.

“Another very important note is that they are applying Scriptures that are about personal actions, such as caring for strangers, to government policies,” McFarland continued. “There is no hermeneutical justification for this. Those left-of-center people cherry-pick Scriptures that are about personal charity and assert that this should be normative for civil government. That would not work, as our Founders knew. The bottom line is that if 2018 were 1776, we wouldn’t have America—at least not for very long.

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