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Biden nominee who put male trans rapist in women’s prison cannot say whether chromosomes determine biological sex

Dr. Alex McFarland to speak to youth at Shiloh Bible Camp in Hewitt, NJ

Dr. Alex McFarland a featured speaker at EQUIP retreat camps

Dr. Alex McFarland to speak to youth at Higher Grounds Camp in West Harrison, IN

Shouldn’t parents know when a child switches gender identity? SCOTUS says no

Dr. Alex McFarland to speak in Rogers, AR

How the United Methodist Church’s end to anti-gay ban turns away from the Lord’s foundations

Alex McFarland to lead Equip camp in Montana this summer

Alex McFarland to Joe Biden: ‘Our time left on this earth is short, and you will eternally regret the Savior that you have rejected’

Abortion is ‘kind of’ murder, says Bill Maher; but pro-life advocates ‘cannot compromise’ values to save the unborn.

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