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In the midst of a culture obsessed with relativism, Alex is a voice you can trust to speak the timeless truths of Christianity in a timely way.

Christian Speaker and author Alex McFarland is an advocate for Christian apologetics. He has taught everywhere from churches and university campuses to schools and prisons. Alex arms his audiences with the tools to defend their faith while empowering the unchurched to find out the truth for themselves.

“Alex McFarland is one of the best speakers in the nation for helping teens take ownership of what they believe.”
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Josh McDowell

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Religion & Culture Expert

Helping people to learn about the relationship they may have with Christ is the single-minded passion that drives Alex McFarland. As a messenger of the Good News of Jesus, Alex has served as a pastor, seminary president, apologist, evangelist, college professor, missions strategist, and broadcaster.

This journey has taken Alex to speak in more than 2,200 churches around the world, to conferences such as The Billy Graham School of Evangelism, Focus On The Family’s Big Dig, Josh McDowell’s True Foundations events, California’s Spirit West Coast, and many more.

CNN, FOX, The Wall Street Journal and other media outlets have described Alex McFarland, “An expert on world religions and cults,” and a “religion and culture expert.”

Alex McFarland has written more than 150 published articles and is author of 18 books on subjects including apologetics, worldview, culture, and Christian parenting.

Reviews & Testimonials

What People say About Alex

“God bless you, Alex, for shining the light on error, and for highlighting the truths of the Gospel. Bless you, for speaking so powerfully not only into the hearts of the new generation of Christ-followers but into our hearts as well.”

Charles Colson

“Alex, what a great work you are doing! I believe in it so much; Keep up the great work.”

Nelson Searcy

“Alex McFarland is one of the best speakers in the nation for helping teens take ownership of what they believe.”
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Josh McDowell

“Alex McFarland is an expert on cults and world religions.”

Charles Colson

"Alex McFarland is trusted, truthful and timely."
Lauren Green
“I’ve grown to trust Alex as a smart, passionate, persuasive defender of Christianity.”
Lee Strobal
Lee Strobel

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Authority & Expertise

Speaking Topics

Here are a few of the many topics Alex can speak on at your event. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the list, don’t worry. Alex can speak on just about any topic! We customize each event to meet your church/organization’s needs.
Apologetics 101
The 10 most common objections to Christianity, and how to effectively answer them.
Dealing with abortion, cloning, and embryonic stem cell research.
A look at the 6 most foundational Christian beliefs.
How may we know that the Bible is accurate and still relevant? A look at the facts that verify scripture’s divine origin.
A program that takes your group through the book of Revelation in 3 sessions.
A look at the 6 most foundational Christian beliefs.
Reconciling the goodness of God with the reality of hell.
Answering the toughest questions your kids will ask about Christianity.
A Christian Response to Islam.
Preparing Christian youth ahead of time for the ways that college will challenge their faith.
A 3-part study of Genesis 37-45, covering: the character of Joseph, the Sovereignty of God, and the ministry of Jesus.

Upcoming Speaking Events

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