Only Jesus Can Take Away the Pain of This World


As Youth Struggle with a Variety of Sadness, Tragedy and Pressure, Apologetics Leader, Author and Evangelist Dr. Alex McFarland Meets Them Right Where They Are and Shares the Hope of Christ

GREENSBORO, N.C.—Three suicides late last month rocked two communities that had already been torn apart by violence.


Two were survivors of the Feb. 14, 2018, massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and the third was the father of a child who was killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Experts say survivor guilt is very real and, in teens especially, the mental health crisis is critical.


Over his multi-decade ministry, Dr. Alex McFarland has spoken to hundreds of thousands of young people. He meets youth right where they are, encouraging them to get to know Jesus, strengthen their relationship with Him and talk to their friends about their faith.


McFarland says that while scarred and tragically sad parents and communities seek to blame school officials or the government—and perhaps even themselves—there is only one answer: The peace of Jesus Christ.


“While we as human beings must work together to help those struggling, and that happens in a variety of ways, no school board, therapist or elected official can solve these heart problems,” he said. “Only Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, and the hope found in Him, can take away the strife, pressure, anxiety and madness of this world. Our young people are so conflicted and lost that some of them see suicide as the only way out. But those who put their trust is Jesus know He can ease their pain. Christians struggle with burdens too; the Bible never said those who trust in Jesus will have a perfect, worry-free life. But when Jesus walks alongside us for all our days, He carries that burden, and it is noticeably lighter, to the point where we can count on Him to get us through the dark times.”


McFarland has spoken at countless churches, youth groups, camp events and evangelism gatherings where he interacts with today’s youth. He also offers several high school workshops that focus on need-to-know topics for young people.


  • Leadership: Why It Matters to Each of Us—Throughout life, we sometimes lead and often follow. What does it mean to be a leader? Why is it important to use wisdom when it comes to being a follower? In this seminar, McFarland defines what positive leadership is, explains the benefits of good “fellowship” and gives inspiring examples of ordinary people whose lives are extraordinary examples of leadership. He documents why character training and people of positive influence are vitally needed today—and how we each benefit personally when we model, and follow after, good leadership.
  • Stay Clean, Achieve Your Dreams—Goals, dreams and future plans—we all have them, but why do some people realize theirs and others don’t? Why is it important to make appropriate plans throughout our life, and what are some of the simple secrets to success and not disappointment? McFarland believes that every person is born to be successful, and the sooner we see ourselves as winners, the better. In this workshop, McFarland explains how tough odds and negative circumstances can actually be leveraged for our benefit. Inspirational with ways to blow past boundaries, the session will renew the spark of hope and drive in both youth and adults.
  • Our U.S. Constitution—All Americans, no matter their age, must understand this piece of paper that we rarely think about but that we depend on daily. Every sport has its “playbook,” every movie has a script, and even cars come with an “owner’s handbook.” But what about a whole nation? The U.S. does have a “operator’s manual,” and it is made up of several key documents that impact how each of us lives every day. McFarland has written and taught about the U.S. Constitution for two decades, and in this seminar, he challenges students to be familiar with the document that lays out facts about life in America. How did our Constitution come about? How do I understand it? Why do other nations, and leaders, envy what we have in America? What would happen if our Constitution was ever lost?


This year, McFarland also has a leadership role for the National Day of Prayer on May 2. As the National Student Movement Director, he will work to mobilize students in every state to commit to unifying in prayer with their peers.

McFarland is the creator of the popular and successful national and regional Truth for a New Generation conferences. The ministry exists to equip Christians with a biblical worldview through conferences and camps that feature some of the world’s leading apologists, Christian writers and evangelists who have spoken at some of the nation’s top award-winning conferences.


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