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Screen Shot 2022 11 18 at 12.12.53 PM

A man wins a beauty pageant in Derry, NH?

In this interview with The Global Lane, I explain that the insistence that transgenderism is normal, healthy, and appropriate for …

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alex man and bible

Thankfulness: A most appropriate Christian trait

By Angie McFarland Have you ever seen someone overcome with gratitude to the point that they were beside themselves with …

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rineshkumar ghirao UdDjFekHQuk unsplash

Why are there so many denominations?

Christianity has developed into thousands of denominations worldwide. While this may sound divisive and negative, denominations form for a variety …

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ben white BtNxJsFOjtQ unsplash scaled e1665530991829

What does it mean that God changed his mind due to the prayer of Moses?

After the Israelites had turned against the Lord and worshiped a golden calf, God told Moses, “I have seen this …

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viral truth kids in triangle

‘Viral Truth Clubs’ equip teens to rescue their friends from the depressing, destructive falsehoods of socialist, woke ideology

For Immediate Release     October 12, 2022       CONTACT:     Hamilton Strategies,, Beth Harrison, 610.584.1096, ext. 105, or Deborah Hamilton, ext. 102     ‘Viral Truth Clubs’ equip …

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hu chen 6yi0oPZSNy4 unsplash

What is a Christian view of the issue of abortion?

What should Christians believe about abortion? Though the modern practice of ending a child’s life in the womb is not …

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viral truth kids in triangle

Announcing…Viral Truth Campus Clubs

We want to reach the youth of America. Our young people are being inundated with lies- untruths that are destroying …

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matt walsh tVkdGtEe2C4 unsplash

Does the Bible address transgenderism?

Does the Bible address transgenderism? Transgenderism and gender identity issues have become controversial social topics in recent years. Does the …

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samantha sophia NaWKMlp3tVs unsplash

How did we get the sixty-six books of the Bible?

The story of the Bible’s creation and collection is a fascinating look at God’s sovereign work through human history. It …

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brett jordan r ozTEle2vo unsplash

How do we know God forgives our past and future sins?

Jesus died for all our sins. First Corinthians 15:3 is clear on this point: “Christ died for our sins according …

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brandon mowinkel DF1hKdVsn c unsplash

Why should we all truly love America?

America, I love you! Economically resilient, stubbornly optimistic, miraculously birthed, divinely blessed, statistically exceptional–America. Historically flawed?  Sure.  What country isn’t?  …

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do not enter sign

Is the Antichrist alive now?

The Antichrist is a future world ruler who will control the kingdoms of the earth and persecute Christians during the …

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