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timothy eberly VgvMDrPoCN4 unsplash

Defending the Faith

By Alex McFarland Some people — even self-proclaimed Christians — today have one basic belief about the Bible — that …

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mother and child scaled e1683234986498

All That I Am: The Influence of a Mother

American President Abraham Lincoln said, “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” His …

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Running into the Fire Graphic

Why Should Christians Get Involved with Politics? Alex McFarland Featured on Running Into the Fire

In this interview with Terri Hasdorff, Alex delves into the history and current state of American politics. He explores the …

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Alex headshot 2023 e1683131107233

Alex McFarland comments on the Nashville Shooting (Fox News Article)

“The sooner we repent and return to God, the sooner the protective hand will be restored that we had for …

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Alex headshot 2023 e1683131107233

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is manipulating, especially to children

Follow this link to listen to Steve Gruber of America’s Voice Live interview Alex McFarland on this topic.

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twitter 1080x1080 easter e1680896647973

Five Freedoms Only Jesus Can Give

by Alex McFarland During the Easter holiday even the usually secular news media acknowledges Christ’s death and resurrection. At this …

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Alex headshot 2023 e1683131107233

Alex McFarland comments on powerful Easter photo from 1956 in Fox News Article

“My heart was moved to think about that time when publicly and culturally we were not ashamed to invoke not …

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why kei 8e2gal GIE8 unsplash

Cars, contracts, and honoring one’s commitments

By Alex McFarland The hours were fairly brutal, but it was one of the most enjoyable jobs I ever had–selling …

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Alex headshot 2023 e1683131107233

Alex McFarland Featured on Providence Forum with Jerry Newcombe

Does American History Matter and if so, why? Evangelist and author Alex McFarland argues there are dangers in ignoring the …

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536 thumbnail 1

Alex discusses upcoming TNG Conference; importance of biblical truth on The Dove

Watch here.

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ellie cooper gzxiVD HUs0 unsplash scaled e1678112886647

JESUS REVOLUTION:  It was real.  It was historic.  It is needed again.

“Jesus freaks, out in the streets, handing tickets out for God . . . ” Lest you think that the …

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Eric Metaxas show

Alex McFarland Featured on Eric Metaxas Podcast

Alex McFarland recently went to New York city to record this podcast with Eric Metaxas. They discussed thoughts on current …

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