Faith & Freedom:
Voting with a Biblical Worldview

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Why Voting Matters

As Christians, we are called to be salt and light in the world, preserving it from moral decay (Matthew 5:13-16). One of the most powerful ways we can influence our society for Christ is by exercising our right to vote. When we cast our ballots according to a biblical worldview, we can shape our nation’s laws, leaders, and cultural direction.

Voting is an act of stewardship, a sacred trust given to us by God. It is our responsibility to use this privilege wisely, prayerfully considering each candidate and issue in light of Scripture. By aligning our votes with God’s Word, we can be a force for righteousness and justice in our communities and nation.

6,982,400 didn’t vote in the six swing states in the last election…

Important Points

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Disclaimer: The Faith & Freedom Voter’s Guide and corresponding linked resources found here have been prepared and distributed as educational resources by Alex McFarland Ministries, a 501(c)(3) religious organization. They do not endorse or oppose any particular candidate or political party. The information provided is intended solely to help the recipient exercise their right to vote.


10 Questions Every Voter Should Ask

Cut through campaign rhetoric with these 10 essential questions to evaluate candidates. Discover how to vote your biblical values on key issues like life, family, freedom, and stewardship.

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iVoterGuide is the nation’s largest candidate research organization focused exclusively on informing and mobilizing voters with biblical values. Find out which candidates on your ballot really stand for your biblical values.

Why Christians Should Vote

Learn four biblical reasons why Christians should vote in this election season, from stewarding our civic responsibility to being salt and light in our nation. Our trust in Jesus should motivate us to be an influence for good in our communities—including at the ballot box.

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The Alex McFarland Show - Episode 27

The Importance of Christians Exercising Their Right to Vote with guest Gary Harris

On this episode of the Alex McFarland Show, Alex is joined by Gary Harris, the Dean of Students at East Rankin Academy. The two discuss the history of our republic and god-given freedoms, the significance of the electoral college and how it works, and why it’s of vital importance to our country that all Christians exercise their right to vote. 

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