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6,982,400 didn’t vote in the six swing states in the last election…

We’re thrilled you’ve taken the first step in stewarding your vote by reading our print voter’s guide. Now, dive deeper with these additional free resources designed to equip you to pray, think, and vote biblically in this critical election season. 

Here, you’ll find tools to help you with the issues, candidates, and biblical principles that matter most. From insightful articles to thought-provoking questions, these resources will equip you to cast your ballot with confidence and conviction. 

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Important Points

10 Questions Every Voter Should Ask


What is the candidate’s track record? Has he or she demonstrated commitment to the rule of law, ethical behavior, and biblical standards of conduct in public and private life?  


Does the candidate uphold and support the US Constitution, its Amendments, and the laws of all US government bodies, including the responsibility of those governments to enforce all laws ensuring the actions of government align with the will of the people (regarding issues such as immigration, voting, abortion, and others)?

Christian Worldview

Does the candidate evaluate positions, issues, and decisions using a biblical perspective, seeking their Christian faith for guidance?

God and Country

Does the candidate uphold freedom of expression, speech, and religious liberty and understand and support the USA’s exceptional role in supporting these ideals?


Does the candidate support the biblical definition of marriage between a man and a woman, that such a marriage is best for raising children, and why this is critical for a society to survive?

Faith and Science

Does the candidate demonstrate critical thinking skills, including an understanding that the Judeo-Christian faith and science are in sync with one another regarding topics such as creation, existence of God, life and reproduction, and gender identity?

Reverence for Life

Does the candidate protect human life at all stages: in the womb, newborns, toddlers, K-12, college-age, post college, middle age, and elderly until natural death?


Does the candidate seek to protect children (under 18) from harmful facets in society, including pornography, violence, and sexual content in all media?


Does the candidate demonstrate concern for good economic stewardship and financial security for individuals, families, and governments, including overall sound stewardship for the states and the nation?

Issues of the Day

How involved and informed is the candidate with the facts about current issues across a variety of topics and what does the candidate believe and support regarding those issues?


Why Christians Should Vote

Learn four biblical reasons why Christians should vote in this election season, from stewarding our civic responsibility to being salt and light in our nation. Our trust in Jesus should motivate us to be an influence for good in our communities—including at the ballot box.

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