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Alex McFarland 10 issues that Divide Christians

10 Issues That Divide Christians
Alex McFarland

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Watch video trailers for each of Alex’s books and discover your calling to apologetics: Why Apologetics?

Christians know there must be credible, biblical answers to society’s toughest challenges, but is there a way to find these answers without advanced degrees in both biblical studies and political science?

10 Issues That Divide Christians, from best-selling Christian apologist Alex McFarland, is an in-depth but accessible exploration of hard questions facing our culture and the answers waiting in the pages of Scripture. Topics include homosexuality, the environment, war, abortion and the problem of evil. Each chapter also offers readers a resource list called “The Deep End of the Knowledge Poolº so they can dig deeper on one or more topics.

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Also available at AlexMcFarland.com and wherever books are sold.

10 Answers for Atheists

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