In A Turbulent World

Alex is a Christian apologist, author, evangelist, religion and culture analyst, and advocate for biblical truth.

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America...We Have A Problem
We are witnessing a decline that goes beyond statistics, it's a significant cultural shift that requires action.

Alex McFarland Ministries is committed to the proclamation, spread and defense of the Christian message.

Alex McFarland

Sharing The Gospel &
Growing The Body of Christ

Alex continues to travel the country speaking with tens of thousands of people each year at churches, colleges, high schools, and events. Contact us at to learn more about bringing Alex to your event.
Live Events

Alex continues to travel the country speaking with tens of thousands of people each year at churches, colleges, high schools, and events.


The Alex McFarland Show is aired weekly on NRBTV. His podcast is aired weekly on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other major podcast platforms.He hosts Exploring the Word on American Family Radio daily, and The Truth & Liberty Live Call-in Show weekly.


Alex has published over 20 books to date. His books are mainly focused on Apologetics, (defending the Christian faith). Alex is a regular contributor to Fox News, The Christian Post, Townhall,, and more.

"Alex McFarland is trusted, truthful and timely."
Lauren Green
"Alex is the clearest, best apologist in America."
Eric Metaxas
“I’ve grown to trust Alex as a smart, passionate, persuasive defender of Christianity.”
Lee Strobel

Speaking & Events

Alex McFarland is a Christian speaker, author, and apologetics advocate who has taught in thousands of churches, schools, and prisons. Alex arms his audience with the tools to defend their faith while empowering the unchurched to find out the truth for themselves.

The Alex McFarland Show

The Alex McFarland Show is available in podcast and television formats. Through these shows, Alex’s goal is to fulfill his greatest passions: growing the Body of Christ and instructing Christians on how to stand strong in the face of ever-diminishing morals, ethics, and values.

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My Relationship
With God

Featured Book

100 Bible Questions And Answers For Families

In 100 Bible Questions and Answers for Families: Inspiring Truths, Helpful Explanations, and Power for Living from God’s Eternal Word (BroadStreet® Publishing), authors Alex McFarland and Bert Harper, veteran cohosts of the nationally syndicated broadcast Exploring the Word, address a wide range of complex, frequently asked questions about God, the Bible, and Christian living, family life, worldviews and end times.

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