Category: Media

Fox News Host Todd Starnes Joins Alex McFarland for Truth for a New Generation Annual Banquet

African Bishop: We Don’t Need Schooled on Gay Marriage

Dr. Alex McFarland: Millennials Say Evangelism is Wrong and They’re Dropping Christian Practices

Presidents Day 2019 | Would Our Founders Celebrate?

Alex McFarland Delves into Daniel and Revelation at The Cove | How God Wrote History in Advance

Alex McFarland and Truth for a New Generation Officially Partnering with National Day of Prayer

Dr. Alex McFarland Speaking at Several Revival Nights at First Baptist Myrtle Beach

The State of the Culture: ‘We Berate That Which Is Natural and Are Forced to Tolerate the Unnatural,’ Says Evangelist Alex McFarland

What Do Millennials Think About Abortion?

Alex McFarland: Our Abandonment of Moral Law Is the Loss No One Is Talking About

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