Dr. Alex McFarland: Trump Keeping Promises with Religious Liberties Executive Order

Author/Religion and Culture Expert Says Johnson Amendment Was
Never What Founders Intended; Adds It Is Fitting That Order Is
Signed on the National Day of Prayer

CHARLOTTE, N.C.Religion and culture expert, national radio host and author Dr. Alex McFarland ( is applauding President Donald Trump’s signing of an executive order that will protect religious liberties in America.

“The signing of this important executive order is one more example of President Donald Trump keeping his campaign promises,” McFarland said. “One year ago this month, I was privileged to join other faith leaders in Washington, D.C., when the president talked about his unwavering commitment to protect religious freedom in America. Today, Donald Trump shows he is a man of his word.”

McFarland added that the Johnson Amendment, which the executive order addresses, has for decades prevented pastors and churches from being a part of the political process throughout America—at a time when biblical influence is desperately needed. The Johnson Amendment was also foreign to what founders would have wanted for the nation, he said.

“Hopefully, this order will result in more Christians and more religious organizations influencing political outcomes,” McFarland said. “We are working so that fundamental Evangelical Christians influence legislation, and this executive order by President Trump is a step in the right direction. It is also fitting that this order was signed on the National Day of Prayer. This progress, however, does not mean that Evangelicals will cease fighting for the religious rights guaranteed in the Constitution. Liberals are never satisfied until they get what they want. Christians need to be the same way—we must not rest until all of our constitutionally protected rights are fully defended.”

McFarland is the co-author of the new book Abandoned Faith: Why Millennials Are Walking Away and How You Can Lead Them Home,” where he explores why millennials are leaving the church and how those who love them can bring them back.

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Rev. Alex McFarland is heard daily on the American Family Radio network and weekly on The Alex McFarland Show (podcast and YouTube channels). He directs Biblical Worldview for Charis Bible College, located in Colorado. Alex speaks frequently throughout the U.S. For more information go to

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